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Some trip reports, not directly related to Enchanted Tower:

Jicarilla-Truchas Traverse - Pecos Wlderness

Rainier Pics


Rock Climbing in New Mexico - The Enchanted Tower

Under Construction

Last Update 04/23/2014

11/14/06 - Waterfall area preview (604KB - screen quality only)

04/23/2014 - Spook Canyon & Wallflower Preview (no bouldering) - PDF

Socorro printed guide preview (download PDF - 4 MB) - Waterfall Wall and area bouldering, no maps

Socorro printed preview (download PDF - 1.4 MB) - the whole guide up to this point, but really incomplete and only screen quality

Features In Development:

• Comprehensive Online Guide (I'll start porting over the book.)
• Downloadable PDFs (I've started working on these again.)
• Printed Guide Available for Purchase (Maybe someday. . .)


This site might eventually be a free online climbing guide to sites all across New Mexico.

A bound printed guide for Enchanted Tower and Socorro might someday be available for purchase at this site.
The free PDF downloads will still be available, but a high quality printed guide is being developed for those who prefer a perfect binding with high quality images on glossy paper.

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Progress Report

The Flash project has been discontinued. All future content will be html/CSS. None of the Flash links should work (I'll start removing the links).

1/21/04 - Dig that crazy pre-loader. PLUS non-linear "back" and "forward" buttons which are not to be confused with the linear "previous page" and "next page" buttons.

1/19/04 - view a sample of the printed guide for Socorro in .pdf format (3.9MB)

8/28 - flashtest17 - more reading text from files. formatting text.

8/28 - flashtest16 - reaing text from files (speed and maintainability enhancement)

8/6 - content and layout tweaks. button bug fixes

The Flash Site is functional. Content thus far is limited, but it is being added as you read this.
Be patient. The Flash site takes a minute to load, but is then MUCH faster than a typical html site.

8/1 - Fully interactive navigation. Woo Hoo! All she needs now is content! flashtest14

7/30 - movieclip animation. flashtest10

7/25 - fulltext and enlarged image template pages added. flashtest9

7/24 - Button rollovers completed (but they don't link to anything yet). flashtest8
Photography for the Enchanted Tower area is complete.
A PDF draft for Enchanted Tower is on schedule for on-line posting about August 1st. Revisions should be completed in time for a mid-August deliver-to-printer date.

7/11 -Fade-in animation and rollovers (incomplete). flashtest7

7/9 - 1) Mouseover animation test. Move your mouse in the left-bar. climber animation test
- 2) Flashtest4. flashtest4

7/7 - Flashtest3. Flash templates, no "stop" action.

7/6 - Flashtest2 image modification.

7/3 - Flash image load speed test. Image only. Not an interactive movie (yet). flashtest2

6/30 - Modification to Template 6 - Zoomed Image: As you mouse over each route, the routename AND its descriptive text will be displayed.

6/5/03 - The site design has been completed.

6/3/03- Site inception.